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BusinessMany congregations and nonprofits are now pursuing income generation activities to help diversify funding, build stronger relationships with constituents, and increase visibility in the community. Each of these organizations is borrowing skills and techniques from the private sector. They are, in effect, running a business, attracting customers, and earning income like an enterprise, while pursuing both financial and mission-related goals.

Wholistic Leadership has over 20 years of experience working with congregations and nonprofits to help them develop mission-related earned income activities right from generating good venture ideas to instituting a structure, discipline, and process to move forward with the best ideas.

The Development Kenya Action (DKA) contracted us to provide business consultancy services for its project partner, Euphrasia Women’s Centre. The goal of the centre is to promote and develop dignity and sense of worth of women through dignified work. We helped the centre evaluate venture opportunities, develop new products, services, and distribution channels; and design effective marketing strategies.

Let us help you with the development of mission-related earned income activities.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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