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CongregationsAt Wholistic Leadership we've been supporting congregations for over a decade in such areas as discernment in strategic planning, development of programs to reach key goals, development of mission-related earned income activities, development of meaning and integrity in congregational and organizational life, leadership formation, overall improvement of congregational life and mission, increasing trust and managing conflict, team building, and facilitation of membership gatherings.

We offer a resource team for management of ministries right from management training to succession planning to ongoing accompaniment. As we visit communities, we have the same concerns that the congregational leadership has: the need for the integration of prayer, work and community; the need to understand the true meaning of Core Values; and the issue of conflict in some communities.

Concerns of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary were how to move out of current ministries leaving them viable, discern new focus areas for ministry, and plan for effectiveness and sustainability for the region. We journeyed with the congregation in a strategic planning process to help them address these needs. The process was highly participatory bringing on board all the regional membership to analyze where the region was, envision the future, and chart a way forward.

Let us help your congregation establish direction, structures, processes and a climate that allows you to effectively respond to the needs of our time.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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At Wholistic Leadership, we “diagnose” (or discover) the most important priorities (issues) to address in your organization, suggest a plan, and then guide the organization through the necessary change..