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Non-ProfitsNon-profit organizations are the cornerstone of a community. At Wholistic Leadership we understand that in many organizations, funds may be limited and resources scarce; that doesn't mean that your organization and the people in it can't flourish while working toward your mission. We have over ten years of experience working with non-profit organizations to help them mobilize and maximize resources, develop meaningful programs for clients and employees, and stay true to core values.

Love and Hope Program needed to address the following concerns: The playing field in the area of HIV/AIDS had shifted, and they needed to change to remain relevant; With the reality of a biting world economic crunch - a cut on donor funding, how would they mobilize more resources for the ministry? How could they enhance impact and financial sustainability?

We facilitated a strategic planning process. The outcome: a new focus and an elaborate strategy for income generation and fundraising.

Does your organization need help developing programs to reach key goals? We can help.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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At Wholistic Leadership, we “diagnose” (or discover) the most important priorities (issues) to address in your organization, suggest a plan, and then guide the organization through the necessary change..