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  • Wholistic Leadership - helps grow organizations through growing people
  • EMD-Kenya - The Enterprise Management Development Centre
  • Soul Formation - practical guide to leading with soul
  • the◦Leaders◦Class - for Spiritual Leadership in Organizations


Let us help your congregation establish direction, structures, processes and a climate that allows you to effectively respond to the needs of our time.

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Health Care

Let us help your organization find balance between providing quality care for others and providing a nurturing environment for employees.

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Does your organization need help developing programs to reach key goals? We can help.

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Let us help you with the development of mission-related earned income activities.

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EMD-Kenya is certified by the International Trade Centre - Geneva as a national centre of Enterprise Management Development programs.

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The Centre for Organization Development (Centre4OD) focuses on improving the effectiveness and integrity of organizations.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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Organization Development Consultancy...

At Wholistic Leadership, we “diagnose” (or discover) the most important priorities (issues) to address in your organization, suggest a plan, and then guide the organization through the necessary change..