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EMD-Kenya is certified by the International Trade Centre - Geneva as a national centre of Enterprise Management Development programs Our objective is to create internationally competitive enterprises and business management advisers that enterprises are looking for..

Member of a global network…

EMD-Kenya was admitted to the e-Trade Bridge Network as a national centre on 30th November 2005.
Has 26 associates working under the leadership of Andrew Otsieno, a certified Enterprise Management Development Expert.

Enhancing management, export and e-trade competencies…
  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions… Based on the “Trade Secrets” series published by ITC we have established a Knowledge Base for answering frequently asked questions regarding: What it takes to establish and expand export business; How to protect and enforce intellectual property rights in the export market; What to do in terms of quality and standards to sell products abroad; and Why, when, where, and how to use «e».
  • Building Business Competitiveness… Based on ITC’s proprietary Business Management System we have developed a modular training program on “Building Business Competitiveness” covering: Designing competitive strategies; Getting orders; Fulfilling an export order; and Getting paid for an export order.
  • And for Business Development Service Providers… we run “EMD Adviser” workshops on how to become the business management adviser that enterprises are looking for. This hands-on training equips service providers with the capability to diagnose businesses and to develop and deliver management solutions.
  • Partnering for Excellence… Our team of enterprise management development experts (certified by ITC) are equipped with the knowledge and skills to: Select the businesses that have the greatest potential to become competitive; Determine their managerial skill requirements and design interventions to meet those needs; Assist enterprises to design competitive strategies; and Help entrepreneurs implement their strategies through consultancy, counselling or training.
And achieving lasting impact…

Over the past three years, we have trained and mentored over 100 consultants in preparation for certification as enterprise management development advisors. This hands-on training equips service providers with the capability to diagnose businesses and to develop and deliver management solutions. We have also trained over 400 enterprise owners/managers in how to improve the international competitiveness of their businesses. In addition, we have offered year-long business counselling services to small enterprises aimed at improving their competitiveness.

More specifically, we have been...

Engaged by the International Trade Centre, ITC UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva to build national teams in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania of ITC-accredited Export Management Development Advisers who can provide direct assistance to enterprises to improve their competence in management, exporting and e-trade areas, towards internationally more competitive SMEs.

Contracted by Export Promotion Council with funding from ITC, USAID, and JICA to undertake export readiness assessments, develop a Guide to Exporting, design accompanying training modules and facilitate trainings in Export Marketing and Product Development and Adaptation for Export.

  • Conducted exporters’ training and mentorship program to over 100 women entrepreneurs in all the major towns in Kenya under the ACCESS! Programme for African businesswomen in International Trade.
  • Conceptualized and developed training manuals for beginners, intermediate and advanced exporters and facilitated the trainings in all the major towns in Kenya for over 300 enterprise owners/managers.
  • Offered year-long business counselling services to small enterprises aimed at improving their competitiveness.this included conducting a comprehensive diagnostics and generating an enterprise needs assessment; developing a strategy design detailing the business definition, strategy statement, and identified critical tasks; and working with the business owners to implement the critical tasks.

Contact us...

Andrew Otsieno,
Enterprise Management Development Expert
and Certified ACCESS! Trainer
EMD-Kenya, Lower Plains Rd off Karen Rd
P.O. Box 1666-00502 Karen, Nairobi
Tel: 020 3003266 (+254 20 3003266)
Mobile: 0733 823970 (+254 733 823970)
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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