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Success Stories

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Learn how Wholistic Leadership has successfully guided institutions in various sectors...


Concerns of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary were how to move out of current ministries leaving them viable, discern new focus areas for ministry, and plan for effectiveness and sustainability for the region. We journeyed with the congregation in a strategic planning process to help them address these needs. The process was highly participatory bringing on board all the regional membership to analyze where the region was, envision the future, and chart a way forward.


Love and Hope Program needed to address the following concerns: The playing field in the area of HIV/AIDS had shifted, and they needed to change to remain relevant; With the reality of a biting world economic crunch - a cut on donor funding, how would they mobilize more resources for the ministry? How could they enhance impact and financial sustainability? We facilitated a strategic planning process. The outcome: a new focus and an elaborate strategy for income generation and fundraising.

Health Care

We were retained to support the Medical Missionaries of Mary Health Centre to integrate core values into sustainable practices to help the organization grow. This was at a time when the first generation leadership was handing over. We started right from creating the structures, building capacity of staff, putting a management team in place, and building the team’s capacity to function effectively.


The Development Kenya Action (DKA) contracted us to provide business consultancy services for its project partner, Euphrasia Women’s Centre. The goal of the centre is to promote and develop dignity and sense of worth of women through dignified work. We helped the centre evaluate venture opportunities, develop new products, services, and distribution channels; and design effective marketing strategies.

Whole Teams, Whole Organizations

We were engaged by the Medical Missionaries of Mary to help in missioning a new team to South Sudan and also in inducting the new area leadership team. Working together, we helped the team become aware of one another’s unique strengths, explore the connection of their personal core values to their congregation’s mission and values, and learn and practice high-leverage communication skills for supporting one another around complex challenges.


Since 2007, we have been engaged under the Sisters Leadership Development Initiative by Marywood University to build the capacity of women religious in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. The series of trainings we facilitate are based on our transformative leadership formation program for Spiritual Leadership in Organizations which integrates individual self-discovery. Over 300 men and women religious have graduated from the◦Leaders◦Class.

 If you have a particular question, or would like to tell us more about your organization's specific goals and/or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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