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Our ServicesWholistic Leadership offers consulting and coaching services for leaders of businesses, healthcare organizations, nonprofits and congregations. Our consultants understand both spiritual and organizational realities that leaders encounter.

We envision a world made better through organizations whose lives and performance are informed as much by faith and moral reasoning as by the press of economic reality. Our mission is to work with you and your organization to discover the congruence between your deepest values and your work and to develop organizational strategies grounded in values-based leadership.

We design our consultations and programs to meet the needs and challenges unique to you, your organization, and your industry. Our work with organizations is grounded by paying attention to “things” – the web of everyday practical details, pressures, necessities and opportunities – that are part of life as it really is. Work that doesn’t connect with this reality will be of little use, so we begin by seeing things as they really are. And then we invite organizations to venture in directions that are in some ways quite risky: we invite them to begin the painstaking work of connecting this day-to-day reality with their aspirations, values, and beliefs. That’s where both the real challenge and the real possibility lie, around the alignment of the real and the ideal.

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Wholistic Leadership

helps grow organizations through growing people.

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At Wholistic Leadership, we “diagnose” (or discover) the most important priorities (issues) to address in your organization, suggest a plan, and then guide the organization through the necessary change..